Who was John McAllister Schofield?

John McAllister Schofield is one of the United States’ army icons best known for his quote on the definition of discipline. He was born on September 29th in 1831 in New Yolk, being the son of James and Caroline Schofield of Paving Woodbridge New Jersey. In 1953, John graduated from the United States Military Academy where he ranked 7 out of the 52 graduates. He was consequently commissioned as a brevet second lieutenant in the artillery. In the year 1855 to 1860, Schofield worked as an assistant professor in the field of Philosophy in West Point. He later became a physics professor at Washington University in Missouri, St. Louis while on leave.

It was the break of the Civil War that saw Schofield become the Major in Missouri infantry where he worked as the chief of staff at a time when Nathaniel was the Major General. In 1892, Schofield received a Medal of Honor for acting as a conspicuous gallantry during the battle of Wilson’s Creek. Schofield was promoted to be the brigadier general in November 1861 and then to the major general in November 1962. He later took command of the third division of the Army of the Cumberland in the XIV corps in 1863 though he later returned to command the department of Missouri. He led the Ohio army under Major General William during the Atlanta Campaign in 1864. His army was detached after the fall of Atlanta and it joined Major General Thomas so as to curb the invasion of the Tennessee. He got promoted to become the Brigadier General of the regular army due to his service at Franklin, on November 1864. He captured Wilmington while operating under Sherman. He later fought the battle of Kinston before meeting Sherman in Goldsboro. Working with Sherman, he facilitated the surrender of General Johnston and for this, Schofield was brevetted to become the Major-General in the regular army. He later became the Secretary of War from June 1868 up to march 1869. In 1873, he became the Secretary of William War where he investigated the presence of U.S in the islands of Hawaii. He later became the superintendent of the military academy of U.S serving from 1876 to 1881. He served as the commanding general of the U.S army from 1888 till his retirement in 1895. Schofield passed away on March 1906 having served major roles during the American Civil war.