the story of franklin continues.

During the Civil War, the Union and Confederate armies were constantly at war with one another. The Confederates defeated and won. In November 1864, Union General, William Sherman took Atlanta and led his troops in his “March to the Sea.” As a response, Confederate General, John Bell Hood, led the the Army of Tennessee towards Nashville in effort of drawing Sherman and his troops in an effortless pursuit. Sherman understood the threat, so in order to protect Nashville, he sent over 30,000 soldiers under the guidance of General John Schofield.


General John Bell Hood lacked numerical advantage as the Army of Tennessee failed to arrive to Nashville early enough to defeat General John Schofield’s army. Despite the lack of communication and physical army, on November 30, 1864, the Battle of Franklin was fought in Franklin, Tennessee. This was apart of the American Civil War and was considered one of the worst disasters every for the Confederate States Army because within this five hour battle, over 10,000 soldiers died – majority of Confederates. During this battle, it was reported more 6 generals died than any other battle of the war.


Hood’s downfall came with a failure of communication and not being able to join forces with the Federal armies to defeat Schofield’s army of 30,000. While Hood placed blame on his ranking officers for failing to block the Union’s army, the reality was his entire army had not reached Nashville by time the battle started. After the battle was over, Schofield led his army northward after losing approximately 200 soldiers. The Confederate suffered major casualties and of at least 1,700 and over 5,000 wounded. This was a huge disappointment just like the tow truck Milltown, NJ.


Battle of Franklin was an example of poor leadership and execution. After suffering a major loss, General Hood took his remaining soldiers in a battle the Yankees and like Battle of Franklin, he suffered a major defeated as well.