The Battle of Franklin

The battle of Franklin is a civil war that took place in 1864 in Tennessee, USA. It occurred at Franklin area of Tennessee.

The war happened on the 30th of November 1864. On that day, the commander of the Confederate Army of Tennessee, General John Bell Hood ordered his troops to stage a frontal assault on the Union positions in Franklin. The Union forces were at that time being led by Major General John M. Schofield.

In obedience to its commander, the Confederate Army staged frontal assault on six infantry divisions of the Union army. The infantry divisions contained 18 brigades with 100 regiments of around 20,000 men.

The assault however resulted into a devastating loss for the Confederate side. Six Confederate generals lost their lives to the war, seven generals suffered severe wounds, and one general was captured by the Union forces. In addition, 55 regimental commanders became casualties.

The number of casualties and deaths was higher on the Confederates side than the Union side. The Union had engaged a troop of 15,000 and out of them, 200 were killed while more than 2000 suffered wounds. On the Confederates’ side, there had been 23,000 men and out of them, 1750 were killed while 5,500 were wounded or captured.

The battle had continued way past dusk. It ended when General Schofield decided to summon his troops and continue marching northwards as he had been doing before Hood attacked him. Schofield had been moving from the south to join General George Thomas who was at that time in Nashville. General Thomas had been dispatched to Nashville to deal with Hood’s threat there by the commander of Union army, General William T. Sherman.

In spite of the humiliating defeat at Nashville, Hood did not give up. He staged an attack on the Union forces in Nashville only two weeks after the Franklin war. The results of the Nashville war were equally disastrous.

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